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Amazon hasRocksmith 2014 Edition w/ Cable (Xbox 360 or PS3) on sale for$ 39.99with Free Super Saver Shipping.

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Amazon has theUncle Milton 3-D Star Theater on sale for $ 18.34 free shipping w/ Amazon prime or on orders $ 35+.
  • Transform your room into a 3-D Planetarium
  • Projects amazing 3-D images
  • Project constellations, stars, planets and mor
  • Includes 3-D Glasses
  • 3 AAA batteries required

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Atlantic Technology 6200eLR-BLK THX Ultra2 Front Channel Speaker (Single, Satin Black) $ 723.30 Fs Amazon


Was $ 1275 in August

The Technology of Sound
It is widely known that dealing with room acoustics is the single most challenging element to achieving high quality sound. The combination of reflective surfaces, absorptive surfaces, and room boundaries can drastically alter the sound of even the best-engineered products. The Atlantic Technology 6200e addresses these acoustic issues with several optimization controls on the these speakers.

The Atlantic Technology 6200e System offers a level of refinement and flexibility, able to deliver superb sound in a wide variety of real-world settings and acoustic environments. The Atlantic Technology 6200eLR’s have an unbeatable combination of smooth, accurate sound, sophisticated style, and unmatched value. You can enhance the speakers’ performance in any room with the onboard optimization switches that minimize the detrimental effects of speaker placement and room acoustics. Whether you’re listening to Schubert or the Stones, or watching Schwarzenegger, with the Atlantic Technology 6200eLR’s you’ll appreciate the speaker’s ability to capture the explosive dynamics of the latest Hollywood blockbuster or the subtle detail in a classic recording.

The woofer and midrange cones are made of graphite-loaded homopolymer (GLH), a material that combines the attributes of light weight, high stiffness and superb unit-to-unit consistency. This is an ideal cone material, and it contributes greatly to an accurate, extended response. The brushed aluminum tweeter faceplate has a precisely machined driver opening and horn angle that optimizes the tweeters efficiency, dispersion and frequency response. These speakers accurately reproduce the most demanding program material, from the latest theatrical release to large scale symphonic masterpieces. Whether installed behind a screen, mounted in an entertainment unit, or displayed out in the room, they convey a level of detail and tonal realism equaled only by the live performance itself.

These ultra-high performance satellites can be combined with sand-fillable pedestals to create an impressive floor standing speaker. Or, the satellites can be used alone, installed in custom cabinetry behind an acoustically-transparent panel. The Atlantic Technology 6200eLR’s can be used in any multi-channel configuration. For 7.1 systems, we recommend another set of LR’s for the back channels with an additional 642eSB subwoofer. For technical highlights, please visit our technical overview of the product.

THX Ultra 2 Certified
THX is a series of standards and technologies originally developed by Lucas Film Ltd. (of Star Wars fame) and now an entity unto itself. These technologies and standards are intended to ensure that what you hear and see on your A/V system, as closely as possible, matches what the director/artist/engineer heard and saw during the final mixing of the source material. THX standards are intended to enhance every type of viewing and listening experience including the latest discrete multi-channel digital formats.

C.O.R.E. (Custom Optimized Room Enhanced)
The System 6200 features the Atlantic Technology C.O.R.E. design concept. Its an embodiment of product development and performance principles with the objective of achieving an optimal combination of aesthetics, performance, and acoustical fine-tuning. The Room Enhanced part of C.O.R.E. is the loudspeaker systems feature set of equalization options to enable tailoring of the speakers in-room frequency response to best match their interaction with their surroundings. For the loudspeakers, there are several specialized passive equalization circuits.

Rear mounted acoustic controls
allow you to tailor the in-room response
C.O.R.E. Rear Mounted Acoustic Controls
Situated on the back of the main channel speakers are acoustic controls that allow you to tailor the in-room response. There are three controls:
High Frequency Energy – This control changes the tilt or roll-off slope of the tweeter. It has been designed to help compensate for different room acoustics. The THX Average position is intended for rooms with a reasonable combination of reflective (hard) and absorptive (soft) surfaces. The Reverberant position is designed for rooms with an abundance of reflective surfaces like hardwood or tile floors, glass walls, etc. It decreases the high frequency output of the speaker to reduce excess high frequency energy that builds up in live rooms. The Damped position brings the tweeters output slightly above flat response to compensate for overly absorbent rooms with lots of soft surfaces. Speakers in overly damped rooms can sound dead and lifeless unless compensated.

Location – This control “shelves up” the upper midrange and high frequency energy from the speaker in the position marked Behind Screen. This is to compensate for the reduction of these frequencies when they are partially blocked by the materials in front of them if the speakers are located behind a perforated video screen or curtains. Of course, if you choose to place the speakers behind curtains it is important to choose a material that is as acoustically transparent as possible. Looking through the material into the light can give you some indication of the materials transparency in this regard. The more light and detail you can see, the better it will be acoustically.

Boundary Compensation – Use this switch to adjust the lower midrange output of the speaker to compensate for the typical sound colorations caused by placing the speaker close to a TV screen or building it into a wall unit or cabinet. To set these controls, sit in the prime listening position and have someone switch between the compensation choices, using well recorded dialogue or musical instrument recordings. Choose whichever switch position sounds most natural and real to you.

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